Santa Maria del Mexicano is a Catholic institution
that serves the youth & elderly of Mexico.


In 1975, Father Anthony Norman founded Santa Maria del Mexicano to serve the youth and elderly of Mexico. Since 2009, Santa Maria has been under the administration of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).

Santa Maria offers spiritual, educational, moral, vocational, and human formation to the most needy youth and elderly of Mexico. We offer the person and saving message of Jesus in a family environment – a Catholic atmosphere which appreciates and develops the gifts of each person.

Through prayer, work, and education this nonprofit institution serves those who find themselves in need, in difficult life situations such as low income, difficult family situations, abuse, or neglect. Santa Maria works with families to provide the most integral and necessary care for each person. 

The institution consists of five separate houses in and surrounding the town of Colón in the Mexican state of Querétaro. It provides primary, secondary, and high school education to all of its youth.

  • San Jose: a home for boys in grades 1-6
  • Santa Maria, Casa de Muchachos: a home for adolescent boys in grades 7-12
  • Casa de Ninas: girls in grades 1-6
  • Casa de Jovenes (muchachas): a home for adolescent girls grades 7-12
  • Home for the elderly and also the administrative offices     

Currently, including the youth and elderly, we serve 222 residents. 


Fr. Dan Estes, SOLT

Sr. Maria Angelica de Jesus Moreno

Fr. Jeremy Davis, SOLT

Sr. Guadalupe Jimenez

Sr. Maria Ilumina de Corazon Mangkangsa-nga, SOLT

Sr. Maria Reina Ramirez Mendez

Sr. Mary Scholastica Ketkunphan

Who is SOLT?

The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) is a society of apostolic life, an international missionary community composed of priests, consecrated sisters and brothers, and lay members serving together on ecclesial teams in areas of deepest need.

Founded in 1958 by Fr. James Flanagan, SOLT’s vision and charism anticipated many of the movements of Vatican II, including the role of the laity in evangelization, the significance of Our Lady’s relationship with each Person of the Trinity, and communion as the foundation of all renewal within the Church.

Saint John Paul II said, “God, in his deepest mystery, is not a solitude but a family…since He has in himself fatherhood, son-ship and the essence of family, which is love.” We are called to communion. Each human person, made in the image of the God who is communion, longs for such expression and experience of love.

SOLT was founded to be a tangible manifestation of this Trinitarian reality of communion. As Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity models, we live as she did, from a communion that has its source in God and that extends out to all peoples:

Communion with God in imitation of Mary.

Communion on our teams of priests, consecrated sisters and brothers, and lay faithful.

Communion with all - especially the most abandoned, lonely, isolated and forgotten.

The fulfillment of the desires of the human heart for communion can be found only in God, and in our participation as a family in His inner life. People intuitively know this communion cannot only be spoken about or even merely conceived or crafted…

It must be a lived experience.